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10 Ways to Save Money Now!

10 Ways to save money now.

10 Ways to Save Money Now!

Saving money isn’t as hard as you think. For some people, it just requires someone to tell them that they could save money from simply cutting back, replacing it with alternatives, or just getting rid of it completely.

Of course, these terrible money draining habits are sometimes hard to change for some individual but if you can focus on the goal in hand. Why not save money that is getting wasted anyways, and use it for something else?

I normally think this way because it makes sense. I ask questions with every activity or things around the house. Do I really want to pay my cable company more money for these unused upgrades services? Do I need need a nightlight? (Sometimes I think I do, but I am too old for it now!)  Do I really need to pay extra for someone else to prepare my meal?

These questions I ask every day helps me re-align myself to my money saving goal. In the end, I would save so much more money for myself. Here are 10 ways to save money! I have them separated into 2 categories, home and going out.

At home

1) Cut cable services or use alternative

Watching T.V and sitting back on the couch is one of many things we spoil ourselves with… but do you really need 300 channels? Most of us just have all these channels for convenience, so we can flip through channels.

You can spare a quiet moment, look at your cable bill and see if your able to cancel any special services or upgrades you don’t use often.

Maybe you could try some alternatives to cable. I personally canceled my cable services a long time ago and now saving nearly over $120 monthly by using a few alternatives

  • Amazon Fire Stick (kodi installed) – Watch TV shows, movies, and etc for free. Just need an internet connection
  • Netflix – Watch TV shows, and movies for $7.99/month
  • Hulu – Watch TV shows, and movies for $7.99/month

2) Turn off lights/appliances

This is probably one of the most committed offenses is having the lights when they could potentially be off. Maybe you just need a small lamp like a night-light or maybe you could use an energy saving bulb instead.

Whatever the reason for using your lights, you can always find alternatives for light usage. Here are a very quick tips

  1. Use an energy-saving bulb
  2. Use a small desk lamp instead of the room light for reading or small locations
  3. Turn off the lights when not using
  4. Use sunlight during the day, open up your shades and feel the sun action!

Also, turn off or unplug appliances that will drain energy over time!

3) Buy an adjustable thermostat

Whether is cold or hot, winter or summer, the less we have the air unit on, the more money we save. This makes sense right?

If so, then buying an adjustable thermostat is another efficient way of reducing cost as they can get pretty hefty if overused or mishandled.

Take your time and learn how to properly use your thermostat and set it for “setbacks” or schedules to reduce the time the air unit is on.

You could purchase portable AC/Heater units if you just trying to cool or heat a whole room because trying to do either to a large home could leave you unit running for quite awhile. I personally like to use these when I am home with the kids in the living room. It does more than enough to keep us warm.

4) Uses less water washing dishes and shorter bath times

Use less water when washing your dishes by not having it run when your scrubbing, just turn it back on when your ready to rinse.

Shorter bath times and slightly colder water temperature will help water usage and energy. By having a shorter bath time, you reduce the amount of water being used and colder water temperature to help reduce the amount of energy being used to heat the water.

5) DIY (Do-it-Youself) Home Cleaners

There are basic ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, olive oil, and fresh herbs, other home made cleaners that can get the job done without harsh chemicals and for a fraction of the price of commercial cleaners.

Going out

1)Making your own meal before leaving home.

One of the biggest expenses is buying meals  from restaraunts or fast food. Take maybe 15-30 minute each morning to prepare a healthy meal, so that you can eat later because eating out normally cost anywhere from 5-45$ per meal.

Besides, you may even like the self-gratification that you were able to make such a delicious meal for yourself and save for that matter!

2)Bring your own snacks

We all have times where we want to snack and nipple on delicious snacks. Sometimes, doing this could in the end cost more than you think. Especially, if your buying a drink or small snack really quick from a convenient store or even worse from expensive brand name stores like starbucks!

Take a moment and remember that you may have bough groceries not that long ago, try to use what you bought and pack them into small sandwich bags. This will help satisfy your snacking needs, the amount of snack you want to eat, and save money at the same time.

3) Grocery shopping with reward cards and coupon

Many grocery stores have loyal or reward cards to use. If you don’t already have one, take the time to fill one out and obtain one as they can be beneficially in getting deals that they have. Usually, you need a rewards card to even get the deals, so take the time to get one.

4) Carpooling

Carpooling is another popular way of saving money through commuting. You could be essentially  besaving money on both gas, wear and tear on the vehicle by taking only one car and carpooling together.

Overall, saving money on gas alone will save you nearly over $200-300/monthly depending on how much you would of driven normally by yourself. Find a co-worker or friend and plan trips together to avoid having to take single trips.

5) Deals before going out

There are deals everywhere and sometimes they may be at your favorite spot and you didn’t even realize it. Take a moment and check out coupon sites like or before your next outing or shopping trip. They have amazing deals from ranging from products, fun activities, and restaurants.


10 Ways to Save Money concluded

This would be the end of this post and I hope I was able to shine some light onto 10 ways to save money now. There are endless opportunities to save money and all becomes a mindset. How determined you are in reaching your financial budget success and determination.

I always tell myself, why am I giving money away when I could of save it and used it buy something I really want. I hope that type of reasoning for myself helps out any of you out there taking steps into financial savings!

Stay tune for more money saving post!

10 Ways to Save Money
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