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MetroFax – Internet Online Fax Service Review

Metrofax - Online internet Fax service

MetroFax Review – Introduction

MetroFax is a leading provider of Internet faxing with advanced features and flexible usage plans. We’re powered by the largest digital fax network in the world, and equipped with cutting-edge servers that provide unparalleled transmission security. Using the convenience of the Internet, MetroFax enables customers to easily access faxes from their laptop, desktop or wireless device. Fax pages are delivered as attachments directly to the customer’s email inbox.

Individuals and companies of all sizes depend on MetroFax’s simple, affordable, and scalable Internet fax service. It includes a choice of inbound toll-free or local fax numbers in thousands of cities across the U.S; and with no extra charges for long distance or transmission time charges

Note* Snippet taken from eFax company website.

Pricing Plans

MetroFax offers 3 plans to choose from, which are essential, value and professional. The Essential plan is priced at $7.95/monthly ($6.63/monthly if paid anually), includes 500 faxed pages. The value plan starts off at $12.95/monthly ($10.79/monthly if paid annually), includes 1000 faxed pages. Highest plan is the professional plan, which is priced at $35.95/monthly ($29.96/monthly if paid annually), includes 2500 faxed pages. Each additional page will cost $0.03 cent

 metrofax pricing


User Interface

The user interface is very similar to eFax and Myfax online fax interface. They all share the same 4 navigation options on the main screen, which are view faxes, send faxes, update account, and help.

There is a meter at the top of the dashboard that clearly indicates the usage during that period. This feature will help keep track of the amount of pages fax and prevent overusing your allotted quota. Even so, it only cost an extra $0.03 per additional page.


MetroFax offers a very competitive price in both monthly and cost per additional page. The starting plans start as low as $6.63/month for 500 pages and $0.03 for additional pages. This makes MetroFax alone very appealing to small businesses or users in general to use this service.

They have a very simplified contact management system allowing you to easily access your contacts, add a new group and make adjustments to an existing group. You can even import your contacts via CSV file, to keep organization level operable.

There was one thing that they didn’t offer is no digitized signature. Although it may not be necessary for most fax users. It is a major time saver when a fax document does require a signature.

MetroFax has a 30 day free trial, so you can try them out for a month without the worry of continuing if ended not liking it!

Customer Support

MetroFax does offer 24-hours/7 days a week support via phone and email. They also have an FAQ with information on sending and receiving faxes. The wait time for the phone support took a bit longer than expected, slower than eFax. Our email was responded within 6 hours. Overall, they were helpful in answering questions but lack a bit in relative speed to answer it, still very reasonable.




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